Reading between the Lines by Angkhana Neelapaichit

Mr. Somchai Neelapaichit, lawyer for the defendants in the JI case, has not disappeared. He just had problems with his wife, so he ran away. Pol Lt Col Thaksin Shinawatra, 16 March 2004… After Khun Thaksin’s statement to the press, I immediately became the first defendant in the disappearance of Khun Somchai. But the words of Khun Thaksin taught me one truth, that Thaksin had never known Khun Somchai and his family at all. Personally, I sympathize with Khun Thaksin. I believe that the people around him who gave him information that was incorrect had an important part in many of Thaksin’s decisions which have repercussions for Thaksin’s fate today. But the repercussions for Thaksin’s life cannot be compared to the immense losses of the large number of people in the war on drugs and of those whose human rights are violated in the three southernmost provinces. Or even to the family of Somchai Neelapaichit.

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